I 526 Potential Path, Mark Clark Expressway, Caveat Emptor

Posted By Jesse Nelson @ Jan 28th 2020 9:34pm In: City News

The Mark Clark Expressway is a sore topic among Charlestonians. Imminent domain, homes destroyed, major environmental impacts, town degradation and the loss of picturesque views are among some of the serious concerns locals face with the threat of a project that has loomed over the town for decades. With traffic at an all time high, a surging population and hurricane evacuations more common than ever, there's no doubt that the current situation among roadways is rough to say the least. If you've had the pleasure of evacuating from Johns Island or waiting hours in gridlocked traffic for a wreck to be cleared on Maybank highway or Main road, then you know the frustration. Whether the relief to the traffic is worth the impacts the completion of the Mark Clark expressway will inflict, that's a matter of opinion. One thing is for certain, the expressway will forever change the landscape that we know. 

With a large pool of supporters and those who oppose, its hard to say whether or not we will see the project materialize. It does however seem to be a "not if but when" situation. For the sake of buyers and sellers alike we have provided the link to the county website showing a downloadable presentation of the project. The proposed trajectory has changed before so we suggest that buyers looking to purchase in Charleston use their best judgement when shopping in areas inside the potential impact zones. Sellers in certain areas poised to see the most impact have already seen higher days on the market. Uncertainty is tough on home sales and like Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part." 

We are always here to help you make an informed real estate decision. 

Link to Impact Zones and Details on I526 Completion


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